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Ben has practiced law for more than three decades, and his hard work and commitment in aggressively helping employees and individuals is well recognized in and around the Portland Metro Area. Ben started his career representing numerous Federal Agencies including the Bonneville Power Administration and the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration. Upon leaving Federal employment in 1987, Ben began his career as a plaintiff's employment attorney. In 1990 he opened his own office where he assisted clients on a range of matters including employment and personal injury. His goal is to provide employees and other clients the superior legal representation that counters a defendant's "big firm."

Top Lawyers in Oregon 2015 AwardOver the years he has refined his practice to focus solely on defending employees from suffering unlawful employment actions. Among others, Ben has successfully assisted clients in recovering for civil rights violations, unwanted sexual harassment, disability discrimination, medical leave, race/sex/gender discrimination and harassment, wage and hour disputes and a number of other employment related legal issues.

Ben represents injured employees and plaintiffs in both Oregon and Washington. He is licensed to practice before the federal and state courts in Oregon and Washington. He is also admitted to practice before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. He also assists employees at administrative hearings before agencies in the States of Washington and Oregon including the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries, Unemployment Insurance, and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Ben is a member of the Oregon Trial Lawyers' Association, Multnomah Bar Association and the Federal Bar Association.

He is an avid Bicyclist, Hiker and Kayaker.

Suggested Resources

www.oregon.gov/BOLI  - This is the State of Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries’ home page on discrimination complaints in Oregon;

www.hum.WA.Gov – Washington Human Rights Commission, BOLI’s counterpart to claims arising in the State of Washington;

www.merrickmediation.com/first-quarter-EEOC-settlements - Settlements of claims resolved the Federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

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"I've been practicing trial litigation for 25 years, 20 of that, in domestic relations in Portland. Without question, Ben Rosenthal is the best plaintiff's employment lawyer that I know of. He is located here in Portland, but I'm sure would work with clients on the coast. If I were someone facing an unfair employment situation, I think I would be far more focused on the strength of my lawyer than his address. What I find valuable is Ben's honesty in case assessment, down to earth communication and just plain smart common sense. He has not been hesitant to tell me when a case that I thought had promise was, in fact, problematic. On the other hand, he has over the years taken on big employers and law firms without fear and with good success."


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Understanding Legal Timelines

Your employer has terminated your employment and you believe you have a claim for wrongful termination. Oregon law imposes a number of deadlines by which you must take action in order to pursue your claim. As a general rule, employees of a private company (non-governmental) have a year to file suit.? However if you filed a written formal complaint with a governmental agency, such as the Bureau of Labor and Industries, your deadline to act is ninety (90) days following the release of the final agency decision and receipt of the “Right to Sue” letter. READ MORE More