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“ I do want you to know how impressed I was with your whole presentation of this case.  Your closing was great.  Your energy was high throughout the whole case.  There were many negative remarks about the opposing lawyer’s assistant and her ‘smirky looks’ and the smiles and shaking of the employer.  I wish the best for your client.” 
Jury Foreperson

"Benjamin – You rock, my friend. You helped me and I won this and I appreciate it so much. You have no idea – God bless you. I can't tell you how happy you made me. Have a Merry Christmas. I know I will. Thanks, Benjamin." 
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"Not only is Ben Rosenthal a brilliant attorney but I was surprised at his level of integrity. From the beginning, Ben was upfront about the pros and cons of my case and urged me to be open and honest at all times. He helped me with my unemployment hearing and was masterful in depositions. At one point he made an opposing party cry and later communicated that he felt bad for the person. This illustrates how Ben is a wonderful human being despite his mandatory efforts to help you win your case. We won and I was happy with the outcome. At all times Ben's professionalism and conduct were above the bar. There were times when I didn't have the financial means to pay for third party court reporters or even copies. I never felt that Ben gave up on me and he never pressured me despite my outstanding balance. Lawyers this great are usually only on TV but Ben is a real person who will fight hard for you." 
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"I've been practicing trial litigation for 25 years, 20 of that, in domestic relations in Portland. Without question, Ben Rosenthal is the best plaintiff's employment lawyer that I know of. He is located here in Portland, but I'm sure would work with clients on the coast. If I were someone facing an unfair employment situation, I think I would be far more focused on the strength of my lawyer than his address. What I find valuable is Ben's honesty in case assessment, down to earth communication and just plain smart common sense. He has not been hesitant to tell me when a case that I thought had promise was, in fact, problematic. On the other hand, he has over the years taken on big employers and law firms without fear and with good success."
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"He's a class act! – Benjamin is a class act. He handled my case very professionally and got me 6 figures! I recommend him for any case." 
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"The Best Lawyer in Oregon – One of the best lawyer I have every been associated with. He one brilliant man and takes his profession serious. I would recommend him to anyone I meet." 
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"I had excepted a sales job position with a company and within 4 months of employment I was dealing with work discrimination and was being discriminated against by my former bosses and was really mistreated because of my disabilities (which they denied of course) After a few months I just couldn't take it anymore and was calling other attorny's on this issue I found that every attorney I called didn't really understand my pain nor did they care about my case until I talk to Ben who immediately step up to the plate right away and defended me, ultimately getting my 2 former bosses FIRED because of what was going on at work. I didn't have any money at the time so Ben told me he would take my case on contingency. Ben not only protected my rights but he also went above and beyond seeking damages for what had happen to me @ work by my former bosses @ which my former company had to pay. I also forgot to mention before hiring Ben I was working with a former attorney who had mess up my case and just went MIA (missing in action) I could never get hold of the guy so then I had to go back looking for an attorney which I then discovered Ben. If you have been made fun of or pick on because of your handicap in life you owe it to yourself to call Ben. Don't give up on the fight most importantly don't let this go on. You have the right as a human being to live in harmony and not to suffer. I can recall many night of not being able to sleep because of what was going on. Despite the fact that I was a hard workeer there are still curuel people in this world looking to make life more difficult and I found Ben to be my guardian angel."
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"The truth will set you free! – Not only is Ben Rosenthal a brilliant attorney but I was surprised at his level of integrity. From the beginning, Ben was upfront about the pros and cons of my case and urged me to be open and honest at all times. He helped me with my unemployment hearing and was masterful in depositions ..."
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Understanding Legal Timelines

Your employer has terminated your employment and you believe you have a claim for wrongful termination. Oregon law imposes a number of deadlines by which you must take action in order to pursue your claim. As a general rule, employees of a private company (non-governmental) have a year to file suit.? However if you filed a written formal complaint with a governmental agency, such as the Bureau of Labor and Industries, your deadline to act is ninety (90) days following the release of the final agency decision and receipt of the “Right to Sue” letter. READ MORE More